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Leben im Netz

Matt Colebourne
Day 1
Room Workshop 1
Start time 18:00
Duration 01:00
ID 75
Event type Lecture
Track Gesellschaft & Politik
Language English

“Publish and be damned”

or No need to publish and still damned ?

What does Web2.0 mean for Publishers ? What if Bill Gates is right and, in future, communication is direct between the writers who create and the people who consume content ? What if, as we’ve all seen, increasingly people are both … they write, they share, they consume and comment on others writings.

In this direct producer to consumer mode, where is the role for the publishers ? Some top writers are already moving to independence and taking their audiences with them. In a world where great content no longer has to be submitted, approved, edited, management edited and finally printed is ‘publishing’ really needed at all ?

Let’s not forget, however, that the generation of revenue is still very much in the publishers hands … advertisers like known brands and are still very wary of user generated content. Is there a revenue model for independent bloggers and writers now that the volume is so great and standing out from the crowd so difficult ?

In this presentation I will examine the current situation and ask, and try to suggest some answers, to these questions. It’s an exciting time for the internet with, just as happened for music, the potential for a major change in the relationships between writers, publishers and readers.